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Most research can be submitted electronically. Click on a link below to submit your research. Some publications may not allow authors to submit directly. In these cases, you will be provided with a mail form to contact the appropriate administrator for further instruction.

African American & Africana Studies
Black Studies @ 50
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William S. Webb Museum of Anthropology
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Hispanic Studies
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Nomenclatura: aproximaciones a los estudios hispánicos
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Defaults in Morphological Theory Conference
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Neuroscience Scholars Theses
Passport to the World
Reimagining Russia's Realms
¡Viva México!
Year of China
Year of Equity
Year of Europe
Year of South Asia
Year of the Middle East
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Physics and Astronomy
Center for Advanced Materials
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Policy Studies on Violence Against Women
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Political Science
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Center for Drug Abuse Research Translation
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Social Theory
disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory
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Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies
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