Genetic Analysis Workshop 18 provided a platform for developing and evaluating statistical methods to analyze whole-genome sequence data from a pedigree-based sample. In this article we present an overview of the data sets and the contributions that analyzed these data. The family data, donated by the Type 2 Diabetes Genetic Exploration by Next-Generation Sequencing in Ethnic Samples Consortium, included sequence-level genotypes based on sequencing and imputation, genome-wide association genotypes from prior genotyping arrays, and phenotypes from longitudinal assessments. The contributions from individual research groups were extensively discussed before, during, and after the workshop in theme-based discussion groups before being submitted for publication.

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Published in BMC Proceedings, v. 8, supplement 1, article S1, p. 1-4.

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We are grateful to the T2D-GENES Consortium for allowing GAW18 participants to use the whole-genome sequence and blood pressure data set around which GAW18 was based. The T2D-GENES Consortium is supported by NIH grants U01 DK085524, U01 DK085584, U01 DK085501, U01 DK085526, and U01 DK085545. The other genetic and phenotypic data for GAW18 were provided by the San Antonio Family Heart Study and the San Antonio Family Diabetes/Gallbladder Study, which are supported by NIH grants P01 HL045222, R01 DK047482, and R01 DK053889. The Genetic Analysis Workshops are supported by NIH grant R01 GM031575.

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This proceeding is from Genetic Analysis Workshop 18: Human Sequence Data in Extended Pedigrees, held in Stevenson, Washington from October 13-17, 2012.

More proceedings from this conference are available at: http://bmcproc.biomedcentral.com/articles/supplements/volume-8-supplement-1

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