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The present invention is directed to a biomass gasifier combustor which operates by gasification and combustion of the biomass to produce a clean effluent gas which can be used directly for grain drying or other applications where thermal energy is required. This biomass gasifier combustor burns crop residue clean enough so that the combustion gases can be used directly for grain drying without the need for a heat exchanger to isolate the combustion gases from the drying air. The biomass gasifier combustor includes a screw feeder tube having a screw feeder disposed therein. The screw feeder forces the biomass into a first combustion chamber. Primary combustion of the biomass produces a first combustion gas. A venturi gas pump creates a negative pressure region in the gasifier, drawing the first combustion gas into a second combustion chamber. A secondary combustion takes place, completely oxidizing the organics in the primary combustion gas and producing a clean exhaust gas which can be used directly for grain drying purposes. An improved first chamber includes a manifold section for preventing the biomass from escaping into the secondary combustion chamber, and a variable height grate for allowing the ash product to fall through the holes in the variable height grate. A damper may be provided at the air inlets to control the flow rates or primary and secondary air. A damper may be placed on the exhaust eductor or venturi pump for regulating the thermal output of the system. The level of biomass in the first combustion chamber may also be monitored and automatically controlled.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, Ky.

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