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Master of Science in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering (MSBiosyAgE)

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Master's Thesis




Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

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Dr. Joshua Jackson


The production of cannabidiol (CBD) from the floral material of Cannabis sativa of great interest to the hemp industry. The low bulk density oh hemp floral material presents challenges in terms of storage and handling. To improve handling and storage characteristics, both intact (pre-extraction) and supercritical CO2 extracted hemp floral materials were pelletized. Intact floral material (BaOx) was passed through a hammer mill with a 5 mm screen; while, extracted floral material (Hawaiian Haze) was ball milled through a 60 mesh (250 microns) prior to extraction. Pelletization was conducted using a 3.7 kW pilot scale flat ring pellet mill. Prior to pelletization the floral material was condition to 10, 15, and 20% moisture content (MC). Across all initial MC, extracted floral pellets significantly increased pellet durability by 3%, elevated pellet yield by 4%, and increased bulk density by 14% when compared to intact floral pellets. However, extracted floral pellets required 3.6-fold more kWh/Mg of pellets produced and generated pellets at a 75% decreased rate when compared to intact floral material. The most desirable pellets were those made from the extracted material with 10% MC and the intact material with 15% MC.

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