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Master of Science in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering (MSBiosyAgE)

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Master's Thesis


Agriculture; Engineering


Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

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Dr. Joseph Dvorak


The In-pond Raceway (IPR) is a novel option for production aquaculture, depending on water moving devices to provide constant flow. Device failure may result in catastrophic fish loss, requiring power backup systems to mitigate risk in case of power outages. Because these systems must be dependable and many suitable locations are remote, off-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) systems with battery storage have been considered since they eliminate need for utility power. Such systems can be hard to size and expensive. This study modeled system requirements using an energy balance to determine whether systems could withstand varying loads based on climatological conditions. Sizing was iterative, with battery storage and panel size increasing until the model predicted continuous power was provided year-round. This study found failure events were clustered over multiple days in winter. Therefore, it determined undersized systems were suitable if there was no stocking in these months. Further work found an integrated generator backup system would decrease necessary system size. Likewise, substitution of continuous motor loadings with variable speed motors operated based on need may further decrease system demand. The presented modelling approach has broad implications for feasibility of IPR systems, providing reduced startup costs and possibilities for greater implementation of this novel technology.

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