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Master of Science in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering (MSBiosyAgE)

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Master's Thesis


Agriculture; Engineering


Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

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Dr. Michael P. Sama


Variable-rate technologies for sprayer applications stand to increase efficacy by ensuring the right amount of chemical is applied at the right location. However, external environmental factors such as droplet drift caused by variable ambient condition, are not yet integrated into modern sprayer systems. Real-time wind velocity measurements can be used to control droplet spectra for reducing spray drift by actuating a variable-orifice nozzle. This work aimed to develop data processing methods needed to filter noise and remove vehicle speed from wind velocity measurements collected with an ultrasonic anemometer aboard a moving platform. Using a global navigation satellite system (GNSS), vehicle speed was calculated in the field and subtracted from apparent wind velocity for comparison to static measurements. Experiments under stationary and dynamic sensor deployments were used to develop an algorithm to provide instantaneous local wind velocity and to better understand the local spatiotemporal variability of wind under field conditions.

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This research was supported by the United States Department of Agriculture.