Every aspiring gardener should follow seven steps to have a successful gardening season:

  1. Plan your garden on paper before you begin.
  2. Select a good gardening site that is:
    a. in full sun for at least eight hours each day,
    b. relatively level,
    c. well‑drained,
    d. close to a water source,
    e. dries quickly from morning dew.
  3. Prepare the soil properly, conduct a soil test, and add fertilizer and lime according to U.K. test result recommendations.
  4. Plan only as large a garden as you can easily maintain. Beginning gardeners often overplant, and then they fail because they cannot keep up with the tasks required. Weeds and pests must be managed, water applied when needed and harvesting done on time.
  5. Grow vegetables that will produce the maximum amount of food in the space available.
  6. Plant during the correct season for the crop.
  7. Choose varieties recommended for Kentucky.
  8. Harvest vegetables at their proper stage of maturity. Store them promptly and properly if you do not use them immediately.

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