The objective of these studies was to determine the effect corn fiber (CF), wheat bran (WB) and pectin (PEC) on basal ileal endogenous amino acid (EAA) losses in broiler chickens (Exp. 1) and cannulated pigs (Exp. 2) using the regression method. Semi-purified diets containing 100 g/kg of CF, WB, or PEC (broiler chickens) and CF or PEC (pigs) were fed to replicate cages consisting of eight birds per cage of 21-d-old broiler chickens and six replicates of pigs consisting of one pig per pen. Ileal endogenous His, Glu, and Pro losses were higher (p < 0.05) for CF and WB compared with birds fed diets containing PEC. Contrasts between CF and WB showed higher (p < 0.05) ileal endogenous nitrogen, total amino acid, His, Ile, Met, Glu, Pro, and Tyr losses in birds fed the CF diets (Exp. 1). Contrasts of EAA losses between birds fed the WB and PEC diets showed higher (p < 0.05) losses for His, Glu, and Pro. In the cannulated pigs, CF resulted in higher (p < 0.05) ileal endogenous His, Leu, and Tyr losses. In summary, CF induced higher ileal EAA losses in broiler chickens and cannulated pigs.

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Published in Animals, v. 10, issue 11, 2145.

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