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Year of Publication


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Document Type

Master's Thesis


Agriculture, Food and Environment


Animal and Food Sciences

First Advisor

Dr. Merlin Lindemann


Three experiments were conducted to assess the efficacy of including selected feed additives in the diet of weaning and grow-finish pigs. Experiment 1 utilized 24 crossbred grow-finish pigs and measured the effect of added EHY on DM, N, and energy digestibility. There were no differences in DM, Energy, and N digestibility between diets 1 through 4. Experiment 2 utilized a total of 36 crossbred pigs [18 barrows, 18 gilts] in order to determine if preference would be shown when presented with naturally-contaminated corn. There were three dietary comparisons, Control vs Diet 2 (Comparison 1), Control vs Diet 4 (Comparison 2), and Diet 2 vs Diet 4 (Comparison 3). A preference was shown for the control diet over Diet 2, as well as for the control diet over Diet 4. Experiment 3 utilized a total of 24 crossbred pigs [12 barrows, 12 gilts] in order to measure the effect of contaminated corn on performance and DM, energy, and N digestibility. DM, energy, and N digestibility were affected by corn quality.