Year of Publication


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Document Type

Master's Thesis


Agriculture, Food and Environment


Animal and Food Sciences

First Advisor

Dr. Anthony J. Pescatore


The objective of this thesis was to evaluate inclusion of up to 35% by-product DDGS (with reduced Ca and P) with and without addition of a proprietary premix (enzyme and antioxidant; Alltech Inc.) on productive performance and egg quality of white and brown egg laying hens. A total of 288 white or brown hens were randomly allocated to one of the following treatments: 1) corn-soybean meal (control), 2) 25% DDGS, 3) 25% DDGS plus premix, 4) 35% DDGS, and 5) 35% DDGS plus premix. Hen body weight values were impaired with addition of 25 and 35% DDGS when compared to the control. Premix helped maintain body weight comparable to control in the brown hens; however was not noted in white hens. In the second dietary phase, addition of DDGS increased feed intake in white egg laying hens and was maintained with the premix. Brown hens on premix came into lay faster than the control and DDGS diets, but DDGS reduced overall egg production. Haugh units, yolk color, and purchase intent scores were increased in brown eggs with DDGS diets. White eggs had increased yolk color with DDGS. In conclusion, up to 35% DDGS is acceptable in white laying hen diets.