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Master of Science (MS)

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Master's Thesis


Agriculture, Food and Environment


Animal and Food Sciences

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Dr. Youling L. Xiong


The overall objective of the study was to investigate different food ingredient conditions and ultrasound treatment on pea protein in terms of surface morphology and thermal characteristics. The motivation of this work was based on previous studies focusing on non-chemical physical modifications of plant proteins and the increasing demand for functional alternative proteins.

Ultrasonication time and amplitude, pH, protein concentration, and salt concentration all influenced the thermal and interfacial properties of pea protein. Ultrasound treatment altered the quaternary and tertiary structure of the storage protein and disrupted non-covalent bonds. The structural altercations and a reduction in particle size led to improved functionality.

For foams generated at pH 5.0 with 4% (w/v) ultrasound treated protein, the foams had acceptable capacity and stability even when high levels of sugar (5% sucrose) and salt (0.6 M) were incorporated. An acceptable angel food cake simulation can be achieved by replacing egg white with ultrasound treated pea protein. Color and loaf height were different, but similar texture profiles were achieved.

Ultrasound treatment significant improved the emulsifying capacity (up to 1.4 fold), emulsion stability, and creaming index compared to control samples (no ultrasound) over two weeks. The ultrasound treated emulsion yielded lower TBARS values, likely due to the change in exposed protein reactive groups.

These findings demonstrate that ultrasound processing is an effective nonchemical method to change the structural and physiochemical properties of pea protein. Pea protein processed with this method might allow for the functionality in a bakery, dressings, or beverage products, which is appealing to many consumers and manufacturers.

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