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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

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Master's Thesis




Animal Science

First Advisor

Dr. James C. Matthews


Our objective was to know how the hepatic transcriptome expression of growing beef (Angus-cross) heifers (0.5 kg gain/day) was affected by the feeding of different sources of dietary (3 mg/day) Se supplements: inorganic Se (ISe, sodium selenite), organic (OSe, Sel-Plex®), or a blend (1.5 mg:1.5 mg) of ISe:OSe (Mix), compared to the adequate but non-Se supplemented “Control”. The biopsied hepatic tissues of these four groups heifers collected at day 168 (when liver Se assimilation had stabilized) after supplements of Se, was subjected to the microarray analysis to assess Se treatment effects.

The results suggest that there were clear differences in the hepatic gene expression profile of the four Se treatment groups. 139 significantly treatment-induced differentially expressed transcripts were selected. Among them: 1) the gene expression profiles of Control and OSe appeared to be more similar than Control and ISe, 2) eight distinct gene expression patterns among treatments were identified and each of them indicates affected biofunctions and networks, 3) they were grouped as the expression profile relative to Control, there were solely and commonly affected transcripts for four Se treatments and they indicated different biofunctions, 4) of them, three microRNAs were identified and their predicated mRNA targets showed different biofunctions.