Chair: Dr. Richard Coffey

Animal Sciences at the University of Kentucky has a long and interesting history. It started as part of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station (KAES) in the late 1800s. As the teaching program in Agriculture grew after the A&M College was established, the employees of the KAES developed courses in the Animal Sciences dealing with meat animals, dairy, poultry, and horses. Early courses related to Veterinary Science were taught under one of the umbrellas of Animal Husbandry.

As research and teaching programs evolved, Extension programs were developed under the direction of T.R. Bryant. The Department of Animal & Food Sciences has had several types of organization. Originally the functions of the KAES and College were officially separate, even though the research group taught classes. This gradually changed, and in 1912 the College and Experiment Station merged into a joint teaching-research unit; most faculty had joint teaching-research appointments. Extension faculty and staff were included later.


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