Director: Carol E. Jordan

The Center for Research on Violence Against Women has as its mission advancing research on intimate partner violence, rape, stalking, and psychological maltreatment, and advancing scholarship by preparing students to address these crimes in their professional lives as researchers or as direct service providers. The Center’s mission includes public service aimed at improving the lives of women and children in Kentucky and around the globe. Ours is an interdisciplinary approach that includes collaborative partnerships with advocates and practitioners in the field.

The Center, administratively housed under the Vice President for Research and the Provost of the University of Kentucky, has a unique model embedded in strong collaboration with multiple colleges. In addition to a staff director with a faculty appointment, the Center has endowed faculty who hold endowed positions within the Center and have academic appointments in Colleges and Departments across the University.

Center publications, including peer reviewed articles, books, and book chapters, are produced by the Center’s Director and our endowed faculty.

We hope this institutional repository assists our academic colleagues and advocates around the world who share an interest in our mission.

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