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Written by Kentuckians for Kentuckians, Faces of Kentucky is a comprehensive history of Kentucky designed for young students. The state’s story comes alive as never before through the images and life stories of the diverse people of the Commonwealth. The product of a collaboration of the State Historian of Kentucky and an award-winning teacher (both native Kentuckians), Faces of Kentucky approaches learning as a voyage of discovery. Numerous illustrations, thought-provoking questions, and historical mysteries to be solved seek to challenge young readers and to help them think about their state, themselves, and their future.

Features: Timelines from early history to present Discussion questions; Over 250 photographs; 25 Maps; Primary Documents; Teacher's Guide with companion CD for use in the elementary school classroom.

James C. Klotter, the state historian of Kentucky and professor of history at Georgetown College, is the author, coauthor, or editor of many books, including The Breckinridges of Kentucky: 1760-1981, History Mysteries, Kentucky: Portrait in Paradox 1900-1950, A New History of Kentucky, Kentucky: Decades of Discord, 1865-1900, Kentucky: Land of Tomorrow, Our Kentucky: A Study of the Bluegrass State, Public Papers of Governor Simeon Willis, 1943-1947, and William Goebel: The Politics of Wrath.

Freda C. Klotter, an educational programs consultant for the Kentucky Collaborative for Teaching and Learning, taught in elementary school classrooms for more than twenty-three years.

"[Faces of Kentucky] is appropriate for upper elementary grades but is thorough enough to hold the interest and provide useful information to older students. The authors have the stated goal of presenting the diversity of Kentuckians and recognizing the contributions of those who in the past have been overlooked. They are quite successful in this effort."—Kentucky Kaleidoscope

"Thanks to authors who know their material and how to present it, the book is an interesting blend of facts and thought-provoking questions."—Lexington Herald-Leader

"Faces of Kentucky . . . is a dramatic departure from standard, boilerplate fourth grade history textbooks. It will open young students' minds to the complexities and richness of the Commonwealth's past . . . [and] will set a new standard of excellence for history textbooks around the country."—University of Kentucky News

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The University Press of Kentucky

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Lexington, KY






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Faces of Kentucky
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