The Shawnee


Jerry E. Clark

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Many Indian tribes claimed Kentucky as hunting territory in the eighteenth century, though for the most part their villages were built elsewhere. For the Shawnee, whose homeland was in the Ohio and Cumberland valleys, Kentucky was an essential source of game, and the skins and furs were vital for trade. When Daniel Boone explored Kentucky in 1769, a band of Shawnee warned him they would not tolerate the presence of whites there. Settlers would remember the warning until 1794 and the Battle of the Fallen Timber. In The Shawnee, Jerry E. Clark eloquently recounts the bitter struggle between white settlers and the Shawnee for possession of the region that left its mark in the legends of Kentucky.

An offbeat, intriguing little book about the tribe that once built a city in Kentucky—Eskippakithiki—and was led by great chiefs such as Tecumseh. -- Lexington Herald-Leader

The life of Tecumseh and his brother, Tenskwautawa, 'The Prophet,' are treated with sensitive care. This short history is a valuable addition to the library of any general historian and delivers enough information to understand how the Shawnee fit into the settlement of Kentucky and surrounding area. -- Northern Kentucky Heritage

This short history is written in a clear style with complete survey of the subject for those who know very little about Native-American history. -- Karl Lietzenmayer

A great book. There is so much information here - a tremendous description of the social and political organization of the Shawnee, a very good description of their religious structure, and a tremendous description of the conflicts and associations between the Shawnee and the descendants of the various European nations who colonized the continent. If you’re interested in Native Americans in general or the pre-modern history of the Appalachians in general, well, this is one for you. -- Eric Drummond Smith, HillbillySavants.blogspot.com

Its comprehensiveness makes it an excellent starting point for any investigation of this remarkable people during their great days in Kentucky and the Old Northwest. -- Indiana Magazine of History

A thoughtful and engaging study of early Shawnee migration and social organization. -- Ohio Valley History

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The University Press of Kentucky.

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Lexington, KY






Shawnee Indians


Indigenous Studies

The Shawnee
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