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The later novels of Machado de Assis—notably Dom Casmurro and Esau and Jacob—are well known in this country, but the earlier novels have never been translated. Here, in The Hand and the Glove (the Brazilian master's second novel), rendered in English for the first time by Albert I. Bagby, Jr., readers will find a younger, gentler Assis, writing a romantic comedy that is yet permeated with the lively wit characteristic of his later works.

The story is a simple one-of love lost and love found. Of love lost by Estêvão, amiable but vacillating, who is bemused by his own romantic posturing, and by Jorge, superficial and calculating. Of love found by Luis Alves, whose self-possession and determination seem destined to carry him far. The love of all three men is the proud and beautiful Guiomar, sure of her own heart but unsure, until faced by rival claims, of where to bestow it—a foreshadowing of Capitú, the intriguing heroine of Dom Casmurro.

“English-speaking readers,” says Helen Caldwell in the Foreword, “who are already acquainted with Machado de Assis will welcome this latest addition to the translated novels. True, it is a period piece; but its quaintness is a charm to carry us back to the Rio de Janeiro of the 1850s—to vanished courtly elegance arid attitudes. . . . Now, we too can know what drew [Assis] back to this early tale, for The Hand and the Glove recreates in English the elegant background, the charming heroine, the comedy, and the light-hearted ebullience of the Portuguese original.”

Albert I. Bagby Jr. grew up speaking both Portuguese and English. After eighteen years in Brazil, he came to the United States and entered Baylor University. Following graduation from Baylor, he continued his studies at the universities of Missouri, where he received his M.A., at North Carolina, and at Vanderbilt University; in 1968 he received a doctoral degree in Spanish literature from the University of Kentucky. Presently Mr. Bagby is chairman of the Romance Languages Department at the University of Corpus Christi, Texas.

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The University Press of Kentucky

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Lexington, KY






Machado de Assis, Brazil, Brazilian fiction


Latin American Literature


Translation of A Mão e a Luva by Albert I. Bagby, Jr. Foreword by Helen Caldwell.

The Hand and the Glove
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