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Ten years in the making, The Kentucky Breeding Bird Atlas presents the results of a seven-year survey of all birds that nest in the Bluegrass State, providing photographs of each species. This work summarizes the distribution and abundance of these bird species, and describes such recent phenomena as the invasions of the Blue Grosbeak and House Finch and the notable decline of other familiar species.

Introductory material outlines the methodology used to complete the survey and summarizes its results. Of particular interest, this work helps to document the effect human alteration of the landscape has had on our bird populations. Some of the most common and widespread species in Kentucky today, for example, may have been among the most rare only two hundred years ago.

Information for each species includes its current and historical status in the state, habitat preferences, specific details of the construction and placement of nests, and other pertinent aspects of nesting biology. Results of the survey are organized by physiographic region and degree of forestation. For rare or locally distributed species, more specific details concerning individual breeding records are given. Accompanying maps plot each species' distribution and abundance within the state. An additional section briefly summarizes the former status of twelve extinct or extirpated species.

The Kentucky Breeding Bird Atlas is sponsored by the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission and the Nongame Wildlife Program of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources in cooperation with the Kentucky Ornithological Society.

Brainard L. Palmer-Ball, Jr. serves as terrestrial zoologist for the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission.

"If you should be interested in birds that call Kentucky home, this is your book."—Bowling Green Daily News

"The long-awaited Kentucky Breeding Bird Atlas is a solid contribution to our knowledge of breeding birds in the Commonwealth, from the western foothills of the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi River. . . . Will absorb the interest of serious birders and no doubt foster a better awareness of the great diversity of birdlife that annually breeds in the Commonwealth."—Ohio Journal of Science

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The University Press of Kentucky

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Lexington, KY






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The Kentucky Breeding Bird Atlas
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