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The Kentucky Limited Liability Company Act, KRS Chapter 275, went into effect July 15, 1994, allowing Kentuckians to conduct business under the LLC form. With over 10,000 LLCs formed in the Commonwealth since the Act's inception, this flexible business entity has become the most popular way to conduct business in Kentucky.

The LLC has become so pervasive that business law practitioners, accountants, tax advisors and estate planners must all be well-versed in the myriad of issues and creative applications that accompany this business entity. With flexible tax-treatment and the liability protection of a traditional corporation this entity is utilized not only for business formation and practice but also for business succession and estate planning, the structuring of joint ventures and strategic alliances, as venture capital vehicles, and as tax planning tools.

The goal of this monograph is to provide the practitioner with a concise and comprehensive approach to the tools necessary for lawyers to counsel and advise clients on this complex and efficient business entity form. Succinct chapters take the reader through an overview of the LLC entity and the Kentucky LLC Act; choice of entity considerations (both tax and non-tax); the formation, operation and statutory transaction issues which arise for the entity; as well as the new single-member LLC; the professional LLC; the use of the LLC in tax-exempt organizations; wealth transfer planning with LLCs; and securities law, commercial law and benefit issues arising under the LLC entity. Each chapter is set forth in separately numbered paragraphs, present running headers for easy access, and are cross-referenced to other relevant chapters and paragraphs contained in the monograph. Summary and comparative charts, a table of authorities and a statutory appendix are also presented. Finally, a comprehensive index has been created to aid the user in finding relevant subject treatments.

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Dolson et al., Limited Liability Companies in Kentucky, (2d ed. 2000, UK/CLE).



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