Jason Pieratt, an enrollment and retention analyst hired by the Division of Undergraduate Education for the purpose of developing this brief, interviewed in early August 2012 selected individuals from across the diverse communities of the University of Kentucky staff, students and faculty. The following strategies were identified and developed.


  • “Student Success is My Main Job” Mindset for All Employees (particularly Main Campus)
  • Weave Post-UK Success into Everything from Recruiting to Graduation
  • Capitalize on “Small” Settings that Already Exist at UK
  • Student Services Building One-Stop Shop
  • Retention-Focused Office under the Provost
  • Academic and Social Gathering Places throughout Campus
  • Faculty Involvement in Retention Improvement
  • Flexible Bachelor’s Degree and Four Year Degree Plans
  • Reasonable Academic Progress for All Students (not just those with certain types of aid)
  • Human Resources is a Significant (but underutilized) Resource for Retention Improvement
  • Communication Platform for Retention is Needed


  • Put Caps on Withdrawing from Classes and Finalize the UK Withdraw Process
  • Revise Admission Standards to Provide Alternate Admission Paths to Unprepared Students
  • Extra Support When Instructors or TAs Have Foreign Accent
  • North Campus and Across Campus Tutoring
  • Math Readiness, Remediation, and Requirements
  • Grade Forgiveness Policy Changes
  • 60/75 Rule Decreased to Declare Major by End of Year1


  • First Six Weeks of the First Fall Semester
  • Introverts and Students with Overwhelming Transition Issues


  • Expand Student Account Services to Help Students Pay and Save for Entire Time at UK
  • Increase Institutional Need-Based Aid (or Institutional Mixed Need/Merit-Based Aid)
  • Scholarship Renewal Policies Need to Have a Retention-Focus

In addition, suggestions for future actions are presented in early, intermediate and final success stages.

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