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Master of Science (MS)

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Master's Thesis




Urban and Environmental Design

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Dr. Graham Rowles


Many urban places contain subtle details that can unintentionally deter pedestrian activity. These details can be assessed through six themes: safety, comfort, pedestrian infrastructure, aesthetics, proximity, and ease of navigation. Adults over age 65 may have more concerns about walking in urban settings than people in other age groups. This study identifies urban design elements that encourage and discourage walking among older adults and makes recommendations for design improvements. Study participants (n= 67) completed an online survey about walking behaviors, perceptions of health and community, and perceptions of seven unidentified scenes of pedestrian environments in Lexington, Kentucky. Findings suggest that feelings of safety and comfort were frequent concerns for older adults. Evidence-based recommendations are made to improve all six themes, to encourage walking among older adults in Lexington, Kentucky.

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