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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Arts and Sciences



First Advisor

Dr. Xiangrong Yin


This dissertation has three consecutive topics. First, we propose a novel class of independence measures for testing independence between two random vectors based on the discrepancy between the conditional and the marginal characteristic functions. If one of the variables is categorical, our asymmetric index extends the typical ANOVA to a kernel ANOVA that can test a more general hypothesis of equal distributions among groups. The index is also applicable when both variables are continuous. Second, we develop a sufficient variable selection procedure based on the new measure in a large p small n setting. Our approach incorporates marginal information between each predictor and the response as well as joint information among predictors. As a result, our method is more capable of selecting all truly active variables than marginal selection methods. Furthermore, our procedure can handle both continuous and discrete responses with mixed-type predictors. We establish the sure screening property of the proposed approach under mild conditions. Third, we focus on a model-free sufficient dimension reduction approach using the new measure. Our method does not require strong assumptions on predictors and responses. An algorithm is developed to find dimension reduction directions using sequential quadratic programming. We illustrate the advantages of our new measure and its two applications in high dimensional data analysis by numerical studies across a variety of settings.

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