Research Analytics Summit 2024

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Clinical study startup is one of the most time and resource-intensive parts of the clinical trials. Its impacts are long-lasting, as delays can affect the study conduct. For study startups, 85% of the industry still relies on Excel spreadsheets. But spreadsheets are passive – they don’t allow you to proactively manage activities and don’t tell you where to focus your attention. We designed, implemented, and now fully adopted a new comprehensive workflow centered around a Smartsheet-based solution with automated reports and dashboards for clinical research coordinators (CRCs), managers, faculty, and leadership. We seek to standardize the startup process across the Radiology Department and provide clarity, transparency, and accountability for all identified tasks. By extensively using our own data, we will achieve better planning with realistic completion dates and thus optimize resource allocation (e.g., accurate planning for reassigning/hiring of CRCs to facilitate subsequent study execution).


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