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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Health Sciences


Rehabilitation Sciences

First Advisor

Dr. Judith L. Page

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Dr. Dana M. Howell


In this study, the author examined the effects of training four parents from low-socioeconomic environments to use Enhanced Milieu Teaching (EMT) with their young children with language impairment. The investigator used a modified Teach-Model-Coach-Review method to teach parents to use the following EMT strategies during 8-10 individualized, home-based sessions: matched turns, expansions, time delays and milieu teaching prompts. A single-case multiple-baseline design across-behaviors replicated across four parent/child dyads was used to evaluate the parents' use of the EMT strategies. Child language outcomes were also assessed using pre- and post-intervention language samples. All parents learned and demonstrated use of each language support strategy to set criterion levels. Results from this study indicated a functional relation between the brief parent-implemented language intervention training and parents’ use of language support strategies. Additionally, all four children demonstrated gains in expressive language. Additional research is needed to assess fidelity and dosage of parents’ use of strategies on specific child language outcomes and to determine how to facilitate maintenance of parents’ use of strategies over time.

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