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A method is described for utilizing discrete orthogonal basis to restore signal system, such as radio or sound waves and/or image system such as photographs or medical images that become distorted while being acquired, transmitted and/or received. The signal or image systems are of the linear type and may be represented by the equation [B] [o]= [i] wherein [o] is an original signal or image, [i] is a degraded signal or image and [B] is a system transfer function matrix. The method involves estimating a signal-to-noise ratio for a restored signal or image. Next, is the selecting of a set of orthogonal basis set functions to provide a stable inverse solution based upon the estimated signal-to-noise ratio. This is followed by removing time and/or spatially varying distortions in the restored system and obtaining an appropriate inverse solution vector.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, Ky.

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