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Master of Science (MS)

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Master's Thesis


Arts and Sciences



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Dr. Jazmin L. Brown-Iannuzzi


Stereotypes surrounding race and socioeconomic status often have overlapping attributes. That is, we tend to stereotypically associate African Americans and poor individuals with being incompetent. Further, people automatically associate African Americans with the concept of poor. The current research examined people’s mental representations of a homeless person, a poor person, and a person with a home, to see if people’s mental representation of a homeless varied from that of a poor person. Results from Study 1 (N = 524), using a bi-racial base image indicate that people, on average, mentally represent the poor and homeless in a similar manner. The results from Study 2 (N = 496), using a White base image, replicate the findings from Study 1, and indicate that the findings from Study 1 were not the result of idiosyncratic features of the original base image. Future directions are discussed.

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