The total synthesis of two decahydroquinoline poison frog alkaloids ent-cis-195A and cis-211A were achieved in 16 steps (38% overall yield) and 19 steps (31% overall yield), respectively, starting from known compound 1. Both alkaloids were synthesized from the common key intermediate 11 in a divergent fashion, and the absolute stereochemistry of natural cis-211A was determined to be 2R, 4aR, 5R, 6S, and 8aS. Interestingly, the absolute configuration of the parent decahydroquinoline nuclei of cis-211A was the mirror image of that of cis-195A, although both alkaloids were isolated from the same poison frog species, Oophaga (Dendrobates) pumilio, from Panama.

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Published in Molecules, v. 26, issue 24, 7529.

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