In [15] it was shown that the spectrum and bilocal propagator of SYK model with four fermion interactions can be realized as a three dimensional model in AdS2 ×S1/Z2 with nontrivial boundary conditions in the additional dimension. In this paper we show that a similar picture holds for generalizations of the SYK model with q-fermion interactions. The 3D realization is now given on a space whose metric is conformal to AdS2 × S1/Z2 and is subject to a non-trivial potential in addition to a delta function at the center of the interval. It is shown that a Horava-Witten compactification reproduces the exact SYK spectrum and a non-standard propagator between points which lie at the center of the interval exactly agrees with the bilocal propagator. As q → ∞, the wave function of one of the modes at the center of the interval vanish as 1/q, while the others vanish as 1/q2, in a way consistent with the fact that in the SYK model only one of the modes contributes to the bilocal propagator in this limit.

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Published in Journal of High Energy Physics, v. 2018, issue 2, article 162, p. 1-19.

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