The Compton scattering cross section from 4He has been measured with high statistical accuracy over a scattering angle range of 40−159 using a quasimonoenergetic 61-MeV photon beam at the High Intensity Gamma-Ray Source. The data are interpreted using a phenomenological model sensitive to the dipole isoscalar electromagnetic polarizabilities (αs and βs) of the nucleon. These data can be fit with the model using values of αs and βs that are consistent with the currently accepted values. These data will serve as benchmarks of future calculations from effective field theories and lattice quantum chromodynamics.

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Published in Physical Review C, v. 96, issue 5, 055209, p. 1-7.

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The work described in this article is funded in part by the US Department of Energy under Contracts No. DE-SC0015393, No. DE-SC000536, No. DE-FG02-97ER41033, No. DE-FG02-97ER41041, No. DE-FG02-97ER41, No. DE-FG02-97ER4104, No. DE-FG02-97ER41033, No. DE-SC0016581, No. DE-FG02-03ER41231, and No. DE-SC0016512, National Science Foundation Grants No. NSF-PHY-1714833, No. NSF-PHY-1309130, and No. NSF-1301843, and the Dean’s Research Chair program of the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences at The George Washington University. We acknowledge the financial support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.