We show here that an extension of the Hamiltonian theory developed by us over the years furnishes a composite fermion (CF) description of the ν = 1/2 state that is particle-hole (PH) symmetric, has a charge density that obeys the magnetic translation algebra of the lowest Landau level (LLL), and exhibits cherished ideas from highly successful wave functions, such as a neutral quasiparticle with a certain dipole moment related to its momentum. We also a provide an extension away from ν = 1/2, which has the features from ν = 1/2 and implements the PH transformation on the LLL as an antiunitary operator T with T2 = −1. This extension of our past work was inspired by Son, who showed that the CF may be viewed as a Dirac fermion on which the particle-hole transformation of LLL electrons is realized as time-reversal, and Wang and Senthil, who provided a very attractive interpretation of the CF as the bound state of a semion and antisemion of charge ±e/2. Along the way, we also found a representation with all the features listed above except that now T2 = +1. We suspect it corresponds to an emergent charge-conjugation symmetry of the ν = 1 boson problem analyzed by Read.

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Published in Physical Review B, v. 93, issue 8, 085405, p. 1-9.

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We thank the Aspen Center for Physics, where this work was conceived and completed, and which is supported by National Science Foundation Grant PHY-1066293. Murthy also acknowledges partial support from the NSF via DMR-1306897 (G.M.) and from the US-Israel Binational Science Foundation via Grant No. 2012120.