We generalize the boundary value problem with a mixed boundary condition that involves the gauge and scalar fields in the context of Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton theories. In particular, the expectation value of the dual scalar operator can be a function of the expectation value of the current operator. The properties are prevalent in a fixed charge ensemble because the conserved charge is shared by both fields through the dilaton coupling, which is also responsible for non-Fermi liquid properties. We study the on-shell action and the stress energy tensor to note practical importances of the boundary value problem. In the presence of the scalar fields, physical quantities are not fully fixed due to the finite boundary terms that manifest in the massless scalar or the scalar with mass saturating the Breitenlohner-Freedman bound.

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Published in Journal of High Energy Physics, v. 2016, no. 11, article 44, p. 1-43.

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This work is partially supported by NSF Grant PHY-1214341.

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