It is commonly believed that the lowest-lying scalar glueball lies somewhere in the isosinglet scalar mesons f0(1370), f0(1500) and f0(1710) denoted generically by f0. In this work we consider lattice calculations and experimental data to infer the glue and qq components of f0. These include the calculations of the scalar glueball masses in quenched and unquenched lattice QCD, measurements of the radiative decays J/ψγf0, the ratio of f0 decays to ππ, KK and ηη, the ratio of J/ψ decays to f0(1710)ω and f0(1710)ϕ, the f0 contributions to BsJ/ψπ+π, and the near mass degeneracy of a0(1450) and K0(1430). All analyses suggest the prominent glueball nature of f0(1710) and the flavor octet structure of f0(1500).

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Published in Physical Review D, v. 92, no. 9, article 094006, p. 1-13.

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This research was supported in part by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Republic of China under Grant No. 103-2112-M-001-005 and No 103- 2112-M-033-002-MY3 and the U.S. DOE Award No. DESC0013065.