We report on experiments that examine electron-helium scattering in the presence of an Nd:YAG laser field of 1.17 eV photons. At each incidentelectron energy (30, 60, and 200 eV), the laser polarization direction is varied within a plane perpendicular to the Watson approximation calculations.

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Published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series, v. 635, Lepton - Atom and Ion, 052045, p. 1.

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This work has been supported by NSF Grant PHY-0855040 (NLSM), an IWU Artistic and Scholarly Development Grant and NSF Grant PHY-1402899 (BAd), and a Cornell Presidential Research Scholars Fellowship (BN).

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This paper was presented at the XXIX International Conference on Photonic, Electronic, and Atomic Collisions (ICPEAC2015), July 22-28, 2015, in Toledo, Spain. For more papers and information from this conference, please visit: http://iopscience.iop.org/volume/1742-6596/635