We consider hard three-loop corrections to hyperfine splitting in muonium and positronium generated by the diagrams with closed electron loops. There are six gauge-invariant sets of such diagrams that generate corrections of order 7. The contributions of these diagrams are calculated for an arbitrary electron-muon mass ratio without expansion in the small mass ratio. We obtain the formulas for contributions to hyperfine splitting that in the case of a small mass ratio describe corrections for muonium and in the case of equal masses describe corrections for positronium. The first few terms of the expansion of hard corrections in the small mass ratio were earlier calculated for muonium analytically. We check numerically that the new results coincide with the sum of the known terms of the expansion in the case of a small mass ratio. In the case of equal masses we obtain hard nonlogarithmic corrections of order 7 to hyperfine splitting in positronium.

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Published in Physical Review D: Particles, Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology, v. 92, no. 1, article 013010, p. 1-10.

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This work was supported by the NSF Grants No. PHY-1066054 and No. PHY-1402593. The work of V. S. was supported in part by the RFBR Grant No. 14-02-00467.

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