We present graphically the results of several thousand photoionization calculations of broad emission-line clouds in quasars, spanning 7 orders of magnitude in hydrogen ionizing flux and particle density. The equivalent widths of 42 quasar emission lines are presented as contours in the particle density-ionizing flux plane for a typical incident continuum shape, solar chemical abundances, and cloud column density of N(H) = 1023 cm-2. Results are similarly given for a small subset of emission lines for two other column densities (1022 and 1024 cm-2), five other incident continuum shapes, and a gas metallicity of 5 Z. These graphs should prove useful in the analysis of quasar emission-line data and in the detailed modeling of quasar broad emission-line regions. The digital results of these emission-line grids and many more are available over the Internet.

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Published in The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, v. 108, no. 2, p. 401-415.

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