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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation


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Dr. Wolfgang Korsch


Experiment E12-06-121 at Jefferson Lab aims to do a precision measurement of the neutron spin structure function g2 using inclusive inelastic scattering of electrons over a large kinematic range of x and Q2. The third moment of the linear combination of the spin structure functions g1 and g2, d2, is one of the cleanest higher twist observables and contains information on quark-gluon correlations. It is connected to the "color polarizability" or "color Lorentz force" of the nucleon. The experimental data taking was successfully conducted in Hall C using a longitudinally polarized electron beam with 10.4 GeV energy, and a polarized 3He gas target. The combination of the Super High Momentum Spectrometer (SHMS) and the High Momentum Spectrometer (HMS) allowed us to run the experiment for three constant Q2 values (3.0, 4.3, and 5.6 GeV2/c2) over a wide range of x (0.20 < x < 0.95) for the first time. To extract the neutron spin structure functions, precision determination of the unpolarized cross-sections and double spin asymmetries are required. The analysis of the deep inelastic scattering data and the results from the first measurements of unpolarized 3He cross-sections are reported in this work. The extracted cross-sections will be combined with the electron asymmetry results (ongoing work) to obtain the g2 and d2 of 3He. Finally, nuclear correction to the 3He results will have to be applied to extract g2 and d2 for the neutrons.

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This study was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Physics under Contract No. DEFG02-99ER41101 from 2017 to 2022 and the Max Steckler Fellowship in 2017.

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