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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation


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Physics and Astronomy

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Dr. Michael A. Kovash


There have been very few measurements of the total cross section for n-p scattering below 500 keV. In order to differentiate among NN potential models, improved cross section data between 20 and 600 keV are required. We measured the n-p and n-C total cross sections in this energy region by transmission; a collimated neutron beam was passed through CH2 and C samples and transmitted neutrons were detected by a BC-501A deuterated liquid scintillator. Cross sections were obtained by taking the ratios of normalized neutron yields with the samples in the beam and with no sample in the beam. Both better precision and larger range between 90 keV and 1.8 MeV results are presented. The parameters resulting from fitting effective range theory to the data for n-p scattering are in good agreement with parameters determined from previous fits.

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Nuclear Commons