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Electric cars are rapidly gaining popularity across the United States because they are environmentally friendly. The problem is that the United States does not have enough infrastructure to support the number of electric cars expected to be purchased in the next decade. This project strove to fix that problem by converting an old gas station to an electric car charging station that doubled as a roadside attraction.

Pit Stop functions as a charging station, a restaurant, and an exercise/play area for families to stretch their legs between drives. All the parking spots come equipped with an electric car charging unit, so there will always be space available. Located on top of the canopy that covers the cars is a classic American grill that the whole family can enjoy entitled The Grill. The restaurant features standard tables for families in a rush, or if the family has extra time, they can have their food grilled in front of them. On the backside of the lot located away from the street traffic is exercise space for adults and a play area for kids. Since this project caters to a family on a road trip, including space to burn off energy before getting back in the car is vital.

The structure of the building is a combination of 2 systems. The first is a timer beam system that supports the floor from below, and the second is a steel cable system that pulls up from above. These two systems together keep the canopy and restaurant in tension and stable.


Lainey Barschak won the second place in the Design category.

Dr. Angus Eade was the faculty mentor.

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