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A method and device for treating a mammalian organism to obtain a desired local or systemic physiological or pharmacological effect is provided. The method includes administering a sustained release drug delivery system to a mammalian organism in need of such treatment at an area wherein release of an effective agent is desired and allowing the effective agent to pass through the device in a controlled manner. The device includes an inner core or reservoir comprising the effective agent; a first coating layer, which is essentially impermeable to the passage of the effective agent; and a second coating layer, which is permeable to the passage of the effective agent. The first coating layer covers at least a portion of the inner core; however, at least a small portion of the inner core is not coated with the first coating layer. The second coating layer essentially completely covers the first coating layer and the uncoated portion of the inner core.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, Ky.

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