OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to determine the frequency and severity of adverse events (AEs) reported from use of an adjuvanted whole-cell autologous cancer vaccine in cats with solid tumors under field conditions.

METHODS: The case accession database at Torigen Pharmaceuticals was searched to identify client-owned cats that underwent biopsy or surgical resection of their primary tumor, had histologic confirmation of neoplasia and received at least one subcutaneous dose of an adjuvanted whole-cell autologous cancer vaccine. Records were reviewed for any reported AEs.

RESULTS: In total, 117 cats met the inclusion criteria and received 422 doses of autologous cancer vaccine. Six (5.1%) cats had seven reported AEs, with the majority of these (85.7%) being characterized as grade 1 or 2 (mild) and resolving without medical intervention.

CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE: AEs were infrequent in cats treated with an adjuvanted whole-cell autologous cancer vaccine under typical field use conditions. This form of active cancer immunotherapy appears to be well tolerated by cats and may represent a treatment option for owners who are concerned about AEs associated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Additional studies are warranted to determine the efficacy of this form of individualized immunotherapy in cats with solid tumors.

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