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Year of Publication


Degree Name

Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MSMSE)

Document Type

Master's Thesis




Manufacturing Systems Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. I.S. Jawahir


This thesis presents results from the application of cryogenic cooling on multiple-pass friction stir processing and the subsequent orthogonal machining on friction stir processed and as-received Mg AZ31B-O disks, and shows their combined effects on microstructure and microhardness values. A simple friction stir tool, a specially designed fixture and liquid nitrogen are used to perform multiple-pass friction stir processing experiments on Mg AZ31B-O alloy. The friction stir processed and as-received sheets are then made into disks for the orthogonal machining experiments. This study analyzes the microhardness, microstructure changes by cryogenic friction stir processing and the effect of machining conditions such as dry, MQL and cryogenic and cutting parameters on the Mg AZ31B-O alloy. Four different speeds and three different feed rates are used for the orthogonal machining experiments. The effects of stirring parameters such as the translational feed, rotational speed, cooling conditions and the machining parameters are studied. The resulting microstructure and microhardness from these processes hold a key to the mechanical properties of the alloy. This analysis would help to understand and evaluate the specific aspects of grain size and microhardness that influence the fatigue life of a component.