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Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

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Master of Public Administration

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Jeongyoon Lee

Executive Summary

This report investigates the implementation of federal and state policies concerning homeless students within school districts across Georgia. This analysis focuses on understanding how these policies are translated into practical strategies to meet the unique needs of homeless students, encompassing identification, enrollment, and provision of essential support services that result in proof of academic success. Through a combination of policy assessment techniques of current county school district procedures and services offered to students experiencing homelessness and a descriptive assessment of the contents of the current policies through the lens of public administration theories; we will develop a series of key findings that will consist of the amount of funding received in relation to services provided to aid students experiencing homelessness as well as academic proficiency regarding test scores in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Key Findings: • Homelessness among students remains prevalent across Georgia, with varying degrees of prevalence among different school districts. • School districts across the state exhibit diverse approaches to implementing federal and state policies and requirements. • While most districts offer a range of support services for homeless students, differences are evident in the accessibility and quality of these services. • Common challenges include inadequate funding, limited resources, and systemic barriers to accessing services. Recommendations: • Advocate for increased funding allocation to support homeless student programs and initiatives. • Provide training and professional development opportunities for educators and staff to enhance their capacity in supporting homeless students effectively. • Establish robust data-sharing mechanisms to monitor student progress, evaluate program effectiveness, and identify areas for improvement.

Available for download on Wednesday, May 01, 2024