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Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

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Master of Public Administration

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Dr. Hope Harvey

Executive Summary

Long-term care services are assistance provided to people with disabilities needing help with ADL (activities of daily living). This study aims to address two research questions regarding people with disabilities in Korea who have ADL needs: 1) who is served and not served by long-term care services from the government, and 2) what characteristics are associated with unmet ADL needs among those who are not served by long-term care services. To answer these questions, this study utilizes data from the supplementary survey of people with disabilities in the 2020 Korea Welfare Panel and conducts descriptive statistics and multiple regressions. The result shows that the majority of people with ADL needs are not served by long-term care services from the government. The study also finds that unmet ADL needs are negatively associated with emotional support and positively associated with both discrimination and being unmarried. These findings imply a need for the Korean government to expand long-term care services to people who have ADL needs but are not served by services, especially taking into account those who lack emotional support, face discrimination, or are unmarried, and to provide support for spouses caring for their partners with disabilities.



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