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Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

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Degree Name

Master of Public Administration

Committee Chair

Dr. Karen Blumenschein

Executive Summary

Stockouts have previously been reported to interrupt immunization services in low-and-middle income countries. However, there has been little research to understand the direct impact of stockouts on the number of children immunized and no research to understand the impact on under-five mortality. Using panel data from Tanzania’s Vaccine Information Management System training program, a regression model with fixed and random effects is used to analyze the effect of stockouts on the number of children immunized. The Lives Saved Tool® is used to estimate the effect of stockouts on under-five mortality. The results suggest that stockouts have a statistically significant impact on the number of children immunized for most vaccines in the current month and for several months after the stockout. No impact was found on under-five mortality. However, due to limitations in this analysis, this relationship should be further explored.



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