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Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

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Master of Public Administration

Committee Chair

Dr. Karen Blumenschein

Executive Summary

Recovery Networks (PRNs) are state organizations, typically associated with a licensing Board of Pharmacy to aid in recovery and monitoring of pharmacists with substance use disorders with the intention of providing an avenue for pharmacy professionals with infractions to return to practice. However, there is significant variation in the structure, funding, and leadership of these organizations leading to high variability in how they serve that purpose and their efficacy in doing so in a rehabilitative fashion. The purpose of this project was to assess, in twenty-five strategically chosen US states, PRN structure, function, and perceptions of Directors regarding allowance of medicationassisted- treatment (MAT). This was done through structured interviews with PRN Directors as well as publicly available data collection. Results revealed significant variation in the structure and function of each PRN, including credentials of leadership, funding, and focus on pharmacists vs. other professionals. Interviews with Directors also revealed several stigmatizing attitudes toward allowance of MAT as well as existing bias against professionals in recovery from substance use disorders as somehow “exceptional” in success with abstinence-based treatment. These findings led to the recommendation that additional research as well as national oversight of PRN policy



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