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Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

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Degree Name

Master of Public Financial Management

Committee Chair

Dr. Merl Hackbart

Executive Summary

Kentucky public higher education institutions faced a financial cliff with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic (Capilouto, 2021 Jan.). Campuses across the state closed in spring 2020, with the list of unknowns outnumbering the knowns by a significant margin (Monday, E., Blanton, J., and Kiser, K., 2021). In the face of an unknown future, administrations at Kentucky institutes of higher education relied upon communication strategies more than ever to outline Universities’ plans for reopening, reinvented operational plans, outlining contingencies, and fulfilling an invaluable role in efforts to test, contact trace and eventually vaccinate campus and broader community populations. This project will seek to determine to what extent communication strategies and the effective dissemination of information created an environment for universities to weather the COVID-19 financial storm.



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