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Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

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Master of Public Administration

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Dr. Karen Blumenschein

Executive Summary

Healthcare professionals have similar rates of substance use disorders as the general population. Healthcare professionals are in a unique position because their substance use disorder affects them and may affect their patients. Substance use disorders among healthcare professionals can result in lawsuits and loss of licensure. Kentucky Professionals Recovery Network (KYPRN) provides healthcare professionals with substance use disorders services and programs to help them recover from their disorder. Unfortunately, the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy no longer provides education on the Kentucky Professionals Recovery Network in its formal curriculum. Instead, students are expected to gain this knowledge via experiential education and co-curricular education. This project is aimed to assess how knowledgeable pharmacy students are about KYPRN and find ways to better inform students. Audience The audience of this research project is pharmacy students, the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy, and the Kentucky Professionals Recovery Network. Problem Statement How knowledgeable are pharmacy students about KYPRN? Hypothesis The null hypothesis is that there is no difference between first- and third-year pharmacy student knowledge of the mission of the Kentucky Professionals Recovery Network and the services that the organization offers. The alternative hypothesis is that third year pharmacy students are more knowledgeable about the mission of the Kentucky Professionals Recovery Network and the programs that it offers.



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