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Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

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Master of Public Policy

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Dr. Hope Harvey

Executive Summary

This study seeks to determine what the overall picture of assistance network serving the Woodford County region is. The goal was to determine if there are any observable gaps in the network and to have a clear understanding of what the assistance network is. Gaps were identified by studying the existing network, surveying network members, and examining publicly available resources. A Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis was conducted to analysis the whole network. Assistance for this study refers to programs/organizations that provide cash or in-kind benefits/services to people (U.S. Census Bureau). The assistance network is all of the assistance programs/organizations that serve the Woodford County region. These programs/organizations do not have to be Woodford County but must be serving their residents. This project was funded by the City of Versailles and was completed in partnership with the Mayor of Versailles, Brian Traugott.

The principal findings of this study suggest that:

  • The Versailles region should consider investing in public transportation options.
  • The Versailles region should consider investing in more public housing options.
  • Most assistance programs in the Versailles region can fulfill their demand.
  • The United Way of the Bluegrass’s 2-1-1 programs and the KYnect program both need to be updated to include the whole assistance network in the Versailles region.

Overall, the results of this study suggest that the assistance network of Versailles region does not cover all of the assistance needs for the people in this region. There are noticeable gaps in the network that could be potentially solved. The gaps in public transportation could be solved by creating a publicly run system that transported people from the assistance programs to their home areas. Public housing problems could be solved by building and operating more affordable housing options. Lastly, the 2-1-1 program and the KYnect program could both be updated by providing the website operators with a list of the assistance network members. It is up to the City of Versailles and the surrounding region to determine if these gaps are worth the cost investment to correct them.



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