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Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

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Master of Public Administration

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Dr. J.S. Butler

Executive Summary

This paper contains a problem that has been studied a lot in the household panel survey, that is, the contents of how to give initial weights to non-sample household members when they enter the sample household. In order to assign an initial weight to an object, information on its sampling probability is required, but it is difficult to obtain the first wave information for non-sampled household members. So, as a solution to this, the shared weights method and modeling method were studied and applied to the actual major household panel surveys. However, the data used in this paper is a panel data based on the register census created using administrative. In the case of panel based on administrative data, information necessary for calculating the sampling probability of non-sample household members can be grasped through the linking of administrative data, and the sampling probability of the current household can be calculated simply even after the wave has progressed. The actual numerical results also show that the estimation accuracy is greatly improved.



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