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Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

Executive Summary

The Martin School of Public Policy and Administration is subject to reaccreditation from the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA) every seven years. To initiate the reaccreditation process, the Martin School must conduct a programmatic self-study that analyzes the program’s mission, governance, faculty, students, competencies, resources, and communication. The self-study is beneficial not only for the purpose of reaccreditation but also can better inform the school’s strategic planning process

To assist in providing the self-study relevant data, the Martin School can solicit information from its alumni. Alumni data can be used to establish how well the school is meeting the standards set in its mission statement and provide context to its plans for strategic improvement. The Martin School possesses a diverse alumni base that that spans back to the school’s founding in 1976 and thus has the ability to collect comprehensive information on its progress to date.

To facilitate information gathering from its alumni, an online survey instrument was developed. The survey questions focused on the alumni perspectives of their Martin School education and career outcomes. In order to obtain a comprehensive array of data on these themes, the survey was sent to every alumnus in the Martin School’s alumni listserv. In total, 172 alumni (27.3% of those with valid contact information on listserv) responded to the survey.

Findings from the survey show that the Martin School is performing well in achieving its mission with high ratings being given on the value of the degree and the quality of instruction received while enrolled. The survey data also revealed insights for the Martin School to better engage with alumni, recruit prospective students, and serve current students.